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We specialize in USDA Prime cuts. Our cuts are produced from young, well-fed beef cattle. The marbling is rich and abundant throughout the cut, making the meat excellent for roasting, broiling and grilling.

Prime grade beef accounts for only 2% of the meat produced annually in the United States, and as such is the most sought-after grade on the market.

Meats By Linz uses cattle raised in the heart of the Midwest on a high-quality corn and vegetarian protein diet.  We only go to producers with proven reliability and get our steaks and chops from the finest, hand-selected cuts.

In addition to our USDA Prime cuts and our lines of All-Natural Products, we produce USDA Choice steaks and chops.

Though it’s leaner than USDA Prime, a USDA Choice cut of beef will still be tender and succulent when cooked.  It is optimal for certain types of preparation and tastes great when cooked on the grill or braised.