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Meats by Linz is a big company, but one where your order gets our personal attention.

  • Every customer has an electronic file with their detailed product specifications and purchase history.
  • Our sales staff match products with your specific needs.
  • Customers have access to their sales representative via cell phone 7 days a week.
  • Customers can utilize our night ringer for last minute add-ons and order adjustments.

We’re a big company, but one where each customer gets our personal attention.

Our customers each have individual needs, and those needs are constantly evolving.  Maintaining strong relationships with customers is our priority at Meats by Linz. When you’re a customer, you’re family. From the time you place your order to the time it reaches your customer’s plate, we are here to ensure you are satisfied, 100%.

As a customer you can be confident that every day at our facilities, our plant personnel are out on the floor implementing quality control at every level: from hand selecting product, to safely packing and carefully checking every order before it goes out.  Everything we ship must meet our own high standards, and we pride ourselves on delivering the quality our customers deserve.

We’re always looking at new ways to better serve our customers. As your supplier, our goal is to know you, the customer, and the products that best fit your needs. We are constantly trying out dozens of new products to sometimes find only one item that fits well with what we do and what best serves our customers.