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The Heritage That Is Linz

The 50th Anniversary of the Linz family business challenged us to be even better for the next 50 years. Three generations in the beef industry has instilled an unrivaled work ethic and quest for excellence in the very fabric of our company. Surpassing all USDA regulations and industry certifications, the vision of our future was in bridging the gap between the Rancher and the Chef. The Linz Heritage Angus USDA Certified Angus Program does exactly that.

Influenced by Chicago’s history as the authority on Angus Beef, the Linz family believes in growing better with age. We are proud of the 50 years of quality that has forged who we are today and we are excited for the company that we will be for the next 50 years.

Our rich history demands us to deliver the same standards of quality, focus on safety and painstaking attention to detail that the Meats by Linz name represents.

The Heritage of the Linz family is alive in our employees and guides us in everything we do.