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Premier Proteins

American Kobe Beef, Japanese Kobe Beef and Six Point Berkshire Pork From Premier Proteins, Provided By Meats by Linz

Meats by Linz Provides All-Natural Products by Kansas City-based Premier Proteins.  Premier Proteins is known for American Kobe Beef, Japanese Kobe Beef and Six Point Berkshire pork.

Premier Proteins is proud to be founded on quality, service and integrity.

Premier Proteins provides the very best American Kobe Beef, Japanese Kobe Beef, 100% Berkshire Pork, American Grass-fed Beef and Australian / Tasmanian Grass-feed Beef. Our Premier American Kobe Beef is the elite Wagyu products available here in the United States.

Our Six Point Berkshire Pork is 100% Berkshire Pork. No crosses. Six Point 100% Berkshire is the only USDA Process Verified Program available for 100% Berkshire Pork. Six Point Berkshire has been around for over 15 years and is a partnership of 40 family farms across the Midwest. Six Point's main business is to export 100% Berkshire pork to Japan. In Japan they call it Kurobuta Pork (Black Pig). Six Point Berkshire's name is significant because the Japanese feel those 100% Berkshire Hogs that show the "six points" of white are the very best quality.

Premier Proteins is a family owned business that services retail and distribution markets of specialty meat throughout the United States and around the world.

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