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There’s a lot more to our operations than just cutting the best steaks money can buy. Safety and detailed operating procedures are at the top of our priorities. Not only are we a USDA inspected facility with government employees present on a daily basis, we’re also SQF Certified. 

Recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, Safe Quality Food (SQF) is the only program to integrate a quality component as well as food safety.  SQF certification is one of the most challenging certifications to receive in the food industry.  Everything from safety to fast and effective recall procedures are tested regularly and thoroughly.

Among the strict procedures for maintaining a safe and quality environment for our products is our meticulous sanitation program.  Meats by Linz has an entire shift dedicated to daily sanitation of our entire facility.  This sanitation program sees that all production equipment in our facility is cleaned thoroughly and followed up with swab testing from a third-party laboratory for validation.